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Solar Batteries For Perth. What you need to know?

We’re living in a battery revolution. Lithium-ion batteries are now cheaper, lighter and more efficient than ever before. This is why deep cycle batteries have become popular for home energy storage. The demand for lithium ion rechargeable batteries is expected to grow by 10% annually over the next few years, with a cumulative market size of $12 billion by 2025. Home solar energy storage systems are also on the rise – they are typically made up of a battery bank connected to an inverter, which converts DC current from the solar panels into AC electricity that can be used in your home or sold back to utilities through net metering programs. Perth Solar Direct can take you through all of these options for both residential and commercial solar.

I’m sure as you’ve seen, the price of lithium ion rechargeable batteries has been steadily decreasing. Along with being cheaper, their efficiency is also rising! Lifespan and performance are steadily improving, with some even predicting that they could eventually replace gasoline as a means of powering cars entirely. In Australia alone, it was estimated in 2016 that solar panel owners were collectively generating $14 million worth of energy storage by using home battery packs instead of selling back power during peak hours when consumers pay more per kilowatt hour .

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Why Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium-Ion deep cycle batteries are popular for home solar energy storage because they can discharge and recharge without damaging themselves, they are the best choice for a solar energy system because of their efficiency levels.

Other types of batteries such as lead-acid or nickel-cadmium cannot do this.

Furthermore, deep cycle storage batteries allow consumers to store up excess power from PV panels during times when electricity prices are cheaper so that it is available later on in periods where rates are higher. This way people have an alternative way to keep some control over their daily expenses if they choose not to consume more expensive grid electricity at all times or rely solely on stored home battery packs which may be subject to cost fluctuations and installation costs.

The new generation of residential long life lithium ion battery products like Tesla Powerwall has been developed to be reliable, efficient and user-friendly. This product can also provide backup power in the event of a grid outage or natural disaster.

Solar battery storage is on its way to becoming an easy choice for homeowners who want more control over their electricity use while saving money in the process.

Now with so many models available at such competitive prices there’s never been a better time to make it happen!


The Future of Solar Battery Storage

Batteries are not just important because they’re good for our wallets; they are key drivers of sustainability as well since energy storage systems reduce demand on local grids by providing cheaper alternatives than conventional fossil fuels like coal that often come from other countries far away. These batteries have become popular because combined with solar PV panels they create a reliable, self-sufficient source of energy.

In addition to the many environmental benefits associated with solar battery storage systems, there are also a number of economic advantages as well that make this option more attractive than ever before.

Plus they have other practical uses too – in remote areas or regions struck by disaster and power outages for example. They can be used as an emergency backup supply during blackouts or disasters when grid electricity is unavailable; moreover they provide protection against fluctuations in utility prices because homeowners who install them aren’t dependent on their local utilities but rely instead on their own renewable resources like solar PV panels and home batteries which offer higher quality electricity at cheaper rates over time.


Benefits of Using Solar Battery Storage

Homeowners save money since these batteries store electricity cheaply and safely when the grid is down or power prices are high, then release it from their own battery pack for use later.

Homeowners also reap the benefits of a lower environmental footprint with these batteries making your house that much greener by using less natural resources to create energy.

This new generation of solar storage uses fewer materials than conventional lead acid systems so they’re more environmentally friendly.

Plus you can configure them in different ways depending on how large an array you want to produce – some homeowners might go as far as installing four 40-watt panels plus two deep cycle batteries (120 watts), while others may just choose one 100 watt panel and one 20 amp hour battery (80 total watts). The best thing about these new solar storage systems is that they are flexible, so you can upgrade in the future or add more panels and batteries to your system at any point.

The average household with a rooftop solar array of around 12 kilowatts will need one battery pack between 20-35 kWh capacity for evening use.

This means homeowners typically see their savings double when using energy during off-peak hours (between 11pm and sunrise) because it’s free!

Having home storage also makes sense if you live in an area prone to power outages such as stormy weather – which inevitably fry unprotected electronics on a regular basis. With this back up power source you’ll be able to continue working on important tasks while disaster recovery

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