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Why Us?
What makes us different form other Solar panel companies?

Most Importantly we can guarantee our standards and we do not sub-contract. We are Perth based electrical contractors, meaning not only are you working directly with the installation contractors but most importantly you are not dealing through a less knowledgeable third party and not have a non-accredited salesperson design an inefficient solution for you costing you Hundreds of $ per year in savings.

Increased efficiency of Panels & Inverters mean little if your System is not designed and installed with this in mind!

Also working directly with Us not only saves you cost by eliminating the additional sales layer but also allows you to work with the actual CEC accredited System Designers and Installers. With this in mind, wouldn’t you rather put this money towards the installation giving you peace of mind of high standards, componentry and care taken of your installation. 

Being the contractors ourselves enables us to take responsibility directly and not rush through your installation, ensuring we maintain the highest standards.

Due to being fully responsible for the end to end processes of your actual installations such as:

Selection of all quality componentry not just Panel & Inverter offerings but also Mounting Rails, Isolators, Dektites, thus ensuring longevity of your overall System.
End to end Logistics of Solar panels, ensuring careful transportation & handling of panels, an often ignored crucial portion where non-visible damage occurs; That is Microcracks which shortens the life of the System.
Ultimately Peace of mind; Knowing that we are directly responsibility for outcome of your installation, we ensure the highest standards of installation. 

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CEC Accredited Design & Installation

Registered. Lion Sola 

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EW-180770 / EC-13313 incl.

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