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We at Perth Solar Direct Armadale pride ourselves on providing quality solar services for residents of this area. We offer panels, inverters, and batteries with a wide range of options that will suit your needs – from residential and commercial installations all the way down through monitoring systems and even battery storage!

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We’re a West Australian company, meaning we know what it’s like to deal with the solar needs of residential and commercial clients. We offer more services than other companies do year after year – all at competitive prices! Our value is unbeatable, so don’t just take our word for it: check out some customer reviews online. 

We are a team that specializes in installing solar panels and other renewable energy systems. We work directly with wholesales, giving us access to the best prices on all your Photovoltaic needs – from installation through maintenance! To learn more about how our high-quality service can benefit you, simply contact us here.

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Solar Panel Services in Armadale, WA
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The growing trend of residential solar panel installation has been a major driver in the overall growth of this industry over recent years. With rising energy costs and an increasing shift towards more environmentally friendly power sources, it’s not surprising that homeowners are looking to reduce their monthly electricity bills with renewable energies like those offered by home batteries or microgrids! Contact our team at Perth Solar Direct Armadale today – we’ll make sure you get what your family needs without breaking any budgets along the way.

Perth Solar Direct Residential Solar Panels - Joondalup, WA
Perth Solar Direct Commercial Solar Panels - Joondalup, WA

With the cost and carbon footprint of electricity bills, many businesses are turning to solar power. Solar panels can be installed on any size building for an affordable price that will save your company money.

There was a time when solar power was only for eco-friendly homes, but now it’s saving businesses money on electricity costs and reducing their carbon footprint with clean energy production. With an affordable system layout to fit any budget, this dream of renewable resources has become true!

When it comes to quality, flexibility, and value for your money, Perth Solar Directs Armadale commercial division has you covered. 

We have an impeccable record of accomplishment, winning awards, and completing projects on time frames to satisfy even stringent Australian standards! To learn more about how we can help your business get off its energy grid today, contact us at our commercial solar panel page.

The future of solar energy just got a whole lot brighter! With the ability to store power when needed most, this innovative new system allows you to take control over your own power source and use it any time.

A battery storage unit has become popular for homes and businesses who want an easy way to produce and store their own electricity at any time without having to rely on traditional methods. If you want to avoid blackouts, then getting a battery storage system from our team in Perth Solar Direct Armadale is your best option.

Commercial building Solar Panels
Perth Solar Direct Solar Panel Inverters - Joondalup

The cost of a solar panel system is correlated to the output it can produce. If not working to its full potential, that’s money being wasted, and we should all want to minimize this as much as possible! It’s important for homeowners like yourself who have already invested in energy efficiency measures to invest in these monitoring services. When your solar panel system is not operating at its peak capacity, you lose potential savings. This can be because of an issue with one or more panels in the array—and if detected early enough before too many are lost will need little fixing up! Our team helps clients optimize their energy production by considering factors like weather patterns and historical data, which help them find ways to save money on repairs or new purchases.

Have you noticed your solar panels aren’t as clean and efficient? They may be dirty, but that doesn’t mean they have a problem. All they need is deep cleaning. The Perth Solar Direct Armadale Service team can help get those dirty surfaces off our minds, so we don’t have to worry about potential damages. Within a short time they’ll run smoothly again without any issues.

Perth Solar Direct Solar Panel Installation
Perth Solar Direct Commercial Solar Panel Install in Joondalup

We know that your solar system may be old, but it doesn’t have to act like its age. We offer professional repairs and maintenance for any size home or business with an energy-efficient installation available anywhere in Armadale and the surrounding.

We’re the team you can count on to keep your solar system running smoothly. Whether it needs repairs or maintenance, we have all of our services covered so that everything will be working as best for years to come! 

The best way to make sure your solar system is performing at its peak potential and avoids any unnecessary leaks or other issues in the future is by contacting Perth Solar Direct Armadale. We offer professional repairs maintenance services that will keep you up-to-date with all advancements across the industries so as not to have anything left behind from old technology!

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Perth Solar Direct serves the Armadale area and it’s surrounding suburbs including Ashendon, Bedfordale, Brookdale, Camillo, Champion Lakes, Forrestdale, Harrisdale, Haynes, Hilbert, Karragullen, Kelmscott, Lesley, Mount Nasura, Mount Richon, Piara Waters, Roleystone, Seville Grove and Wungong.

The City of Armadale Located only 30 kilometers from the CBD in Perth’s south-east, the City of Armadale is one of the fastest growing local government areas in Australia.