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We are very proud to be able to supply the residents of Cockburn with high-quality solar services such as solar panels, inverters, and solar batteries. We offer a wide range of these products that cover everything you need for your home or business, from residential installations all the way up to commercial-scale applications!

The best thing about us? We offer a wide range of solar solutions for residential and commercial clients. Whether it’s energy cost savings or just wanting to be green (and save some money), our committed customer service will ensure that you’re satisfied every step along the way. It’s not just about meeting high standards – it is essential to set them. We’re committed, and we will do whatever is necessary so that every customer has an incredible experience with us, from start to finish!

We are the team to install your solar panels in Cockburn. Our diverse range of products at Perth solar direct Cockburn means we can offer you competitive pricing and quality service for any project, big or small! To learn more about us, visit our ‘About Us’ page.

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Solar Panel Services in Cockburn, WA
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Residential solar panel installation has been one of the most popular home renovation trends for years now. With rising energy costs and an increasing shift towards more environmentally friendly power sources, it’s not surprising that homes are looking to reduce their monthly electricity bills with renewable energies. You can get started on this project today by contacting our Perth Solar Direct Cockburn team.

Homeowners all over the country are realizing that they can save money by investing in solar panels. The Perth Solar Direct Cockburn team has been working hard to make this happen for your home too!

Perth Solar Direct Residential Solar Panels - Joondalup, WA
Perth Solar Direct Commercial Solar Panels - Joondalup, WA

With the cost of electricity on the rise, many businesses are turning to solar power for a sustainable and affordable solution. As a result, they can reduce their carbon footprint while saving money with clean energy production! This new trend will not only help climate change but also enhance your company’s brand reputation by investing in green technology products such as solar panel installation.

We at Perth Solar Direct know that we have the best commercial solar panels in town. Operating at the highest standards of their industry and known for multiple high profile installations across Australia, we are perfect partners to help you bring your vision into reality!

Our professional team will be happy to talk more about how our services can assist with your business initiatives or residential power needs. Contact us today and learn more about our commercial solar capabilities

When it comes to renewable energy, nothing beats the steady flow of sunlight. A solar battery storage system can be an excellent complement to provide you with power when needed while also storing up for those days where demand seems endless!

The idea of living without electricity is unimaginable. Solar battery storage system from Perth Solar Direct Cockburn can provide you with an affordable alternative that will protect your home if the grid goes down or when there are blackouts. 

You can protect yourself from blackouts with an affordable alternative that’s perfect for homes and businesses that want to save money on energy bills. The Perth Solar Direct team has all of the information you need, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

Commercial building Solar Panels
Perth Solar Direct Solar Panel Inverters - Joondalup

You may be losing thousands of dollars a year because your solar panel system isn’t operating at its peak capacity. Catch any issues early to prevent major problems before they get worse, and you could lose all those potential savings!

An unmonitored unit can lead to underperformance or malfunctions of the whole system. However, having solar panel specialists who know what they’re doing will save you a lot of money. They will be able to notice small issues before they become major issues.

Noticing any issues with your solar panel system? Catch it early to prevent potential savings loss! Our team can discuss monitoring solutions for existing panels or help you get started on the right plan for your system. Our professional solar panel installer team is interested in helping prevent issues rather than fixing them later.

Your solar panels might not be performing at their best. You may experience a loss in efficiency from 5% – 30%. This equates to significant savings on the back end when it comes time for maintenance or replacement work! Luckily, Perth Solar Direct can help clean and maintain your system so that they run smoothly again.

Perth Solar Direct Solar Panel Installation
Perth Solar Direct Commercial Solar Panel Install in Joondalup

We all know that solar panels are a great investment for our environment, but what you might not have known is how to care for and maintain them. If your system has become old or damaged in some way- perhaps due to wear from weathering over time—our team at Perth Solar Direct can help! We offer repairs maintenance services as well upgrades if necessary, so everything runs smoothly again

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Perth Solar Direct serves the Cockburn area and it’s surrounding suburbs including Leeming, Atwell, Aubin, Banjup, Beeliar, Bibra Lake, Cockburn Central, Coogee, Hamilton Hill, Hammond Park, Henderson, Jandakot, Lake Coogee, Munster, North Coogee, North Lake, South Lake, Spearwood, Success, Treeby, Wattleup and Yangebup.

The City of Cockburn is a local government area in the southern suburbs of the Western Australian capital city of Perth about 8 kilometres south of Fremantle and about 24 kilometres south of Perth’s central business district.