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The Good News About Solar Power Generation For Business

The costs associated with commercially viable solar generation systems have dramatically reduced in recent years. Combine this with increased efficiencies, spiralling electricity tariffs and the business case for Solar has never made more economic sense.

Australia – It’s One Of The Sunniest Continents On Earth.

Australia has the highest average solar radiation Direct Normal Irradiance (DNI) per square metre of any continent in the world. It’s therefore no surprise that a properly installed Solar system in Australia can produce more power than most places on Earth.

Because Perth enjoys on average 9 hours of bright sunshine per day, commercial Solar Power has become a realistic option for many businesses.

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It’s a common misconception that solar power is only viable when there is a feed-in tariff available. In fact, even without a feed-in tariff, a well-designed appropriately sized system can pay for itself in as little as three years. That’s a good return on investment! 

Solar power systems can reduce or eliminate your company’s power bill. Whether your business is large or small, the efficiencies of generating your own solar power can make a significant impact to your operational bottom line. 

Investing in a solar power system equates to prepaying your power bill for almost 40 years, but at today’s prices and a fraction of what you’re likely to pay for electricity in the future. When amortised over this period of time, the cost per unit is significantly lower than you would pay for grid produced power for the same period.

There are a number of factors required to calculate the payback period of a commercial Solar generation system.  These considerations include:

Perth Solar Direct - Capability Statement
Commercial Solar Division

At PERTH SOLAR DIRECT we endeavour to constantly evolve as a company, in order to deliver you the latest technology to reduce your bills and increase your energy independence with every new sunrise. Keeping in mind Quality of Workmanship and Warranties are reliant on Stability and history of Companies reputation for support and quality installs.

Through years of Solar PV and industry experience we are positioned to offer high quality equipment, packaged at an absolutely competitive price to the market with various favourable financial options

With the above in mind and evolving to meet the highest industry standards of installation and additional peace of mind for our end users- Commercial Customers.

PERTH SOLAR DIRECT’S Commercial Solar Division
has partnered with NEXT POWER (WA) an industry veteran in WA, known for multiple high profile Solar PV installations such as:

About Next Power

Next Power (WA) is an award winning commercial solar PV installer boasting one of the most significant Commercial portfolio in WA. Next Power (WA) was officially formed in 2012. It also purchased the commercial assets of UNLTD Energy, a leader in the commercial solar PV industry. Having a large commercial portfolio dating back to the Murdoch University installation in 2008. This was illustrated in 2012 when Next Power was chosen as a WALGA preferred supplier and has since installed a large range of Government PV systems. This is part of the reason Next Power is known as a Commercial and Government PV Design and Install company.


108 kW, 2013. One of Western Australia’s most challenging installations, on one of it’s most iconic buildings.

Numerous challenges were presented when installing WA’s largest Solar Photovoltaic installation (at the time). Collaboration, planning and commitment were required to meet these challenges.


167 kW, 2013. Winner of the national CEC Solar Design and Installation Awards over 100 kW.


WALGA ONE CEC Award Winner

"At Perth Solar Direct we offer 'turn-key' commercial solar solutions, conceived specifically to insure your business's long-term sustainability.”

- Neil Van Der Walt

Neil Van Der Walt
Senior Technical Consultant

Leading the company with over the last 9+ years in the industry and extensive experience in Residential & Commercial Solar PV. Have embraced through my previous experience a Consultative approach ensuring best outcomes for all of our previous and future clients whether Residential or Commercial. As a company we offer our clients high quality products, system design and Installer direct while removing the unnecessary non beneficial to consumer costs.

Please reach out and ask us our point of difference compared to the majority of competitor companies.

Profile of Prior Project Experience

Over the years, establishing and building relationships with major clients on a national level and working on commercial Solar PV projects (Ranging from 10 -100 kW) Ground Mounted Systems and Battery Solutions – Hybrid and Off Grid, with over 87 Commercial Solar Projects listing a few of these below.

As well as experience providing solutions for: