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We at Perth Solar Direct Fremantle are very proud to be able to provide quality solar services such as panels, inverters, and batteries for Fremantle residents and the surrounding areas. We provide a wide range of solar services, which include residential and commercial installation services, monitoring systems services as well as battery storage.

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What makes us different from the competition? We’re based in Western Australia; we understand the solar needs of residential and commercial clients well. Our company has been growing steadily with more services offered to our customers all year long – that’s how much value you get for your money when working with us! 

It doesn’t stop here, though; we provide the highest customer service standards to all our clients.

We have been providing excellent solar service in the Perth area for over a decade. As one of Australia’s most trusted companies, we work directly with wholesales to offer competitive pricing on panels and inverters – so much easier than trying to find good deals elsewhere! To learn more about us or why you should choose Fremantle Solar installers, head over to our reviews page. The reviews will tell you more about us. For all your solar installation services needed in Fremantle, simply contact us through the “About Us” page.

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Solar Panel Services in Fremantle, WA
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With rising energy costs and an increasing shift towards more environmentally friendly power sources, it is not surprising that homeowners are looking to reduce their monthly electricity bills with renewable energies such as solar panels. Our Perth Solar Direct Fremantle team can help you determine which system will be best suited for your home or business needs! With our green technology expertise, we ensure that all of your questions will be answered.

Perth Solar Direct Residential Solar Panels - Joondalup, WA
Perth Solar Direct Commercial Solar Panels - Joondalup, WA

Solar panels have become a viable energy production system that not only helps the environment but also saves businesses money. The affordable price tag means this ambition project can be a reality for many more businesses, making them less dependent on polluting fuel sources and increasing their sustainability efforts in general!

When it comes to commercial solar power installation in Fremantle, Perth Solar Direct commercial division is the company you need. With multiple high-profile and award-winning designs in our database, we can guarantee quality workmanship with all of these projects!

Next Power’s commercial division operates to the highest standards with a focus on quality and customer service. Our multiple Commercial Solar Panels installations around Fremantle have been honored with awards for our excellence throughout Australia as well! If you’re interested in learning more about our capabilities, please contact us here.

We live in a world where the sun always shines, so why not take advantage? With solar battery storage systems, you can store up energy and use it during off-peak times. The best part about these new technologies is that you will have electricity around-the-clock without worrying about the energy bill.

Imagine if you could save money on your energy bill by having a battery that stored clean, renewable solar power for when the sun wasn’t shining?  Now imagine this technology became available in Fremantle.

Perth Solar Direct helps small businesses and homes with their needs for an affordable alternative to grid outages– perfect for those who want protection against high prices at home plus savings every month! Cleaning up our environment while saving hard-earned cash is what we do best.

Commercial building Solar Panels
Perth Solar Direct Solar Panel Inverters - Joondalup

What if I told you that your solar panel system was not operating at its peak capacity? This could be costing thousands in potential savings. It’s important to catch issues early before they become too big! Let our team assess and monitor the health of any panels on-site, so we can help ensure profitability for years down the line.

Have you noticed your solar panels aren’t as clean and efficient? It might be time for deep cleaning. Perth Solar Direct Fremantle can help get those dirty surfaces off of our minds, so you don’t have to worry about potential savings on the back end when it comes down to maintenance or replacement work!

Perth Solar Direct Solar Panel Installation
Perth Solar Direct Commercial Solar Panel Install in Joondalup

Solar Panel Repairs and Maintenance

We all know that solar panels are an investment, and if your system has become old, it may need some repairs. Wear and tear from weather or age can mean there are loose parts you didn’t notice, which we at Perth Solar Direct Fremantle can help with! Our team will assess what needs fixing, the part you want changed, as well as provide maintenance for future efficiency purposes- even upgrading to more powerful systems – so make sure to call us today.

When it comes to maintaining your solar system, you want a company with experience and expertise. Our team at Perth Solar Direct will assist you with repairs, maintenance, or even upgrades if needed!

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Perth Solar Direct serves the Fremantle area and it’s surrounding suburbs including Beaconsfield, Hilton, North Fremantle, O’Connor, Samson, South Fremantle and White Gum Valley.

The City of Fremantle is one of the oldest cities in Perth. The older designed buildings can make for challenging solar panel installations but Perth Solar Direct can handle the work no problems.