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At Perth Solar Direct Joondalup we are very proud to be able to supply the residents of Joondalup with high our range of quality solar services such as panels, inverters and batteries.

We have a wide range of solar services, from residential and commercial solar applications to monitoring systems and battery storage. Our expansion into the Joondalup area is an exciting step forward as we continue to increase our serviceable areas. This will allow us to offer wholesale direct savings and energy storage solutions to even more people around W.A.

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What sets us apart from the competition? Well for starters we are 100% based in W.A. We are local and understand the solar needs of residential and commercial clients. We are a constantly evolving company, offering even more services, value and energy saving solutions year to year. We strive to meet the highest level of customer service and feel our reviews speak for themselves.

We also work direct with wholesales which allows us to off a wide range of solar panel brands and inverters at competitive pricing. To learn more about us and why we are the team to install your solar panels in Joondalup simply navigate to our ‘About Us‘ page

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Solar Panel Services in Joondalup, WA
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Residential solar panel installation has been a rapidly growing trend for the past decade. With rising energy costs and an increasing shift towards more environmentally friendly power sources, it is not surprising that homeowners are looking to reduce their monthly electricity bills with renewable energies such as  solar panels. Get in touch with the Perth Solar Direct Joondalup team. we’ll answer all of your questions about this green technology.

Perth Solar Direct Residential Solar Panels - Joondalup, WA
Perth Solar Direct Commercial Solar Panels - Joondalup, WA

Solar panels are not just for eco-friendly homes anymore. They’re saving businesses money on electricity costs while reducing their carbon footprint with clean energy production. With an affordable, viable system layout to fit any budget, solar power is no longer a pipe dream that’s too good to be true.

Perth Solar Direct’s commercial division, Next Power operate to Perth’s highest standards of quality control and are know for multiple high profile and award winning designs and installations. To learn more about our commercial solar capabilities please see our commercial solar panel page 

Solar battery storage is set to be the next big thing in solar energy. With a battery bank and inverter, this efficient system works around-the-clock; producing your own power when needed while storing it for times of high demand. It’s an affordable alternative that can protect you from grid outages or living without electricity – perfect for homes or businesses who want to save money on energy bills. 

Speak to the Perth Solar Direct Joondalup team to learn more about our solar battery storage solutions or read more about this on our website.

Commercial building Solar Panels
Perth Solar Direct Solar Panel Inverters - Joondalup

A solar panel system that isn’t operating at its peak capacity has the potential to cost you thousands in potential savings. If there is an issue with your system it is best to catch it early to prevent these issues before too many potential savings are lost.

Reach out to our solar team today to discuss solar panel monitoring systems for new or existing panels. 

Even if your panels are just dirty, you may be experiencing a loss of efficiency. In fact from 5% – 30% is possible. That could equate to significant savings on the back end when it comes time for maintenance or replacement work. Luckily Perth Solar Direct can help clean and maintain your solar panel system so that they’ll run smoothly and efficiently again.

Perth Solar Direct Solar Panel Installation
Perth Solar Direct Commercial Solar Panel Install in Joondalup

Solar Panel Repairs and Maintenance

If your solar system is an older it may be in need of some repairs and maintenance. Wear and tear from weather and age may mean there are loose parts or damage you aren’t aware of. Our team at Perth Solar Direct are able to assist in repairs maintenance and even upgrades.

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Joondalup, WA, 6027

Perth Solar Direct serves the Joondalup area and it’s surrounding suburbs including Beldon, Burns Beach, Connolly, Craigie, Currambine, Duncraig, Edgewater, Greenwood, Heathridge, Hillarys, Iluka, Kallaroo, Kingsley, Kinross, Marmion, Mullaloo, Ocean Reef, Padbury, Sorrento, Warwick and Woodvale.

The City of Joondalup was first founded in 1998 and covers 98.9km2. There is a large demand for solar in this area with new business and homes constantly being built.