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As our valued customers, you have the right to make the best choice based on information available. Here is an opportunity to understand how residential power systems in Australia work. Basically, there are three kinds of solar packages.

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On Grid Solar

This is a photovoltaic power system which is connected to a utility grid. Usually, with this panel set up, there is no need for batteries. The main advantage is that you can sell your excess power or get credit for that. As a result, you benefit during the night by getting your required electricity supply from the grid.

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Off Grid Solar

The standalone photovoltaic system is also called the off-grid PV system. This is an independent system which is not connected to the utility grid. It consists of solar panels, batteries and inverters. The solar panels emit direct current (DC) which households or organisations use during the day, with the excess stored in batteries for future use.

Some appliances which use direct current get their power from the batteries while the inverter converts direct current into alternating current. Therefore, appliances which use the AC get their supply from the off-grid local electrical network.

Hybrid Solar System

The hybrid solar system works in the same manner as the common grid-tie system. However, it has hybrid inverters which enable part of the power to be stored in batteries and part of it to get into the utility grid. The energy stored in the batteries acts as power back-up in case of a blackout. This is a recommended and sustainable solution for households.

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What Else Should You Know?
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Solar panels are the core of the solar power system as they convert the sun’s radiation into electrical energy. However, the consumers should purchase high quality panels in order to generate reliable electricity for a long time. These high-quality panels have certain attributes. For instance, they last for a long time while performing at their peak. Usually, the best panels last up to 25 years. Also, they should maintain high solar power output for a reasonable number of years. 

 Apart from these features, the manufacturer should provide guarantee for the panels, indicating that they will perform efficiently for a certain period. The manufacturer does this through the solar panel product warranty.

Also, the customer should check the capacity (in watts) of the panel, its brand, the physical size, durability and material used. Certification is also important as it verifies the quality of the panel.

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When you have solar panels, it is important to store the excess power during the day in order to use it during the night or when it is cloudy.  If you have large batteries, you can have enough electricity to use during the night. When purchasing batteries, people should check the capacity of the battery in watts (Kill Watt-hours), the depth of discharge, the number of kilowatts the battery can deliver at any time, its lifespan, efficiency and ambient temperature range.

An inverter converts the direct current (DC) which the solar panel generates to alternating current. Since inverters work for long periods of time and sometimes under harsh weather conditions, they need to be strong and durable.

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