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We at Perth Solar Direct Rockingham are very proud to be able to supply the residents of this area with high-quality solar services such as solar panels, inverters and solar batteries. We have a wide range of all these applications for residential and commercial uses and even the best monitoring and maintenance services that will keep your home safe from blackouts!

We’re a locally-based company that offers premium solar solutions for residential and commercial clients. We constantly strive to provide the best possible service, which you can see in our high reviews!

At Perth solar direct Rockingham, we are the team to take care of all your solar panel needs in Rockingham and the surrounding. We have a wide range of panels and inverters for you, so contact us today!

We also offer direct sales, which allows us to bring down prices on high-quality products while giving our customers personalized service they can rely upon. Those are just among many reasons why there’s no better place than here when looking into installing new energy systems onto homes or businesses across WA’s region.

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Solar Panel Services in Rockingham, WA
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With rising energy costs and an increasing shift towards more environmentally friendly power sources, it is not surprising that homeowners are looking to reduce their monthly electricity bills with renewable energies such as solar panels. If you want your home or business premises equipped with this modern technology today, contact us at Perth Solar Direct Rockingham!

Perth Solar Direct Residential Solar Panels - Joondalup, WA
Perth Solar Direct Commercial Solar Panels - Joondalup, WA

Businesses across the country are seeing their electricity costs drop as they switch to solar power. This not only helps them save money but also helps improve employee productivity and morale with clean energy production that’s sustainable! Consider the environmental and financial benefits of solar power for your business. Solar panels are an affordable, viable system layout that will fit any budget – making them no longer just a pipe dream, too good to be true!

With a focus on quality, professional output, and an extensive portfolio of projects, Perth Solar Direct in Rockingham and Next Power are known for their high profile achievements in the commercial solar industry. To learn more about us, please visit our website contact page.

A leading provider who has cumulative experience ranging from small businesses to large scale organizations across Western Australia’s metropolitan areas – Perth Solar Direct has what you need!

With the recent advances in solar battery storage, you can now store power for times when it’s needed the most. A system is set up so that your home will produce its own clean energy and work around the clock with an inverter too! With our affordable solar battery storage solutions, you can protect yourself from grid outages – perfect for homes that want to save money on energy bills.

Power outages can come at any time, but you don’t need to worry about them if your home has a solar battery. The Rockingham team from Perth Solar Direct will help make sure that everything is set up correctly and running smoothly. They ensure to deliver peace of mind when it matters most – during an emergency situation! To learn more about these products, visit us at Perth Solar Direct in Rockingham today!

Commercial building Solar Panels
Perth Solar Direct Solar Panel Inverters - Joondalup

The energy industry is constantly changing, but one thing that remains constant are solar panel monitoring systems. These technological innovations help you utilize your system’s full potential by catching any issues before they become costly, fail and or cause you to lose countless dollars.

A lack of attention can lead to underperforming panels, which cost homeowners thousands over time if not addressed soon enough! If something seems off with yours or even just some dirty filters on the modules (which will reduce output), give us a call today so we have an opportunity to save as much money as possible for you. The Rockingham team from Perth Solar Direct will help make sure that everything is set up correctly and running smoothly. They ensure to deliver peace of mind when it matters most – during an emergency situation!

The longer you wait to clean your solar panels, the greater chance that they won’t be as efficient. Sometimes the best way to ensure your solar panels run smoothly and efficiently is by regularly cleaning them. This will help prevent any dirt or other particles from settling on top of their surface, which can reduce panel performance significantly over time. Luckily Perth Solar Direct offers professional cleanings so we’ll make sure that these critical components are always at peak efficiency again – just like new garment appearance after wearing it every day (with some minor wear). They are always ready waiting just waiting with their towels ready when we need them most!

Perth Solar Direct Solar Panel Installation
Perth Solar Direct Commercial Solar Panel Install in Joondalup

Solar Panel Repairs and Maintenance

When your solar system has become old, it may require some repairs and maintenance. Wear and tear from weather or aging can mean there are loose parts you aren’t aware of until the problem becomes too big to ignore – but our team at Perth Solar Direct will make sure that doesn’t happen! We offer services like minor upgrades (such as installing new batteries) major overhauls, including whole battery replacement if needed; we also assist with diagnosing any problems before moving forward, so nothing happens without detection first.

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Perth Solar Direct serves the Cockburn area and it’s surrounding suburbs including Baldivis, Cooloongup, East Rockingham, Garden Island, Golden Bay, Hillman, Karnup and Peron.

Rockingham is a suburb of Perth, Western Australia, located 47 km south-south-west of the city centre. It acts as the primary centre for the City of Rockingham. It has a beachside location at Mangles Bay, the southern extremity of Cockburn Sound.