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Did you know that dirty solar panels can result in a loss of efficiency? Up to 30% ! That is quite a substantial decrease, a loss in efficiency means a loss on savings. Don’t let that happen. The team at Perth Solar Direct can help clean your solar panels and bring them back up to optimal efficiency. 

What Causes Solar Panels To Loose Efficiency?

While dust on your solar panels is a common problem to the loose of efficiency there are many other factors at play such as scale build up from rain not draining properly, leaves and debris from wind getting caught on the panels and even bird droppings or nesting materials.

While cleaning a solar panel sounds fairly straight forward it needs to be done in a safe manner to ensure there is no damage to the panels. The Perth Solar Direct team are fully trained and experienced when it comes to solar panel cleaning using the correct tools and following a process to ensure nothing gets missed or left behind.

Commercial building Solar Panels

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Solar Panel Cleaning - What Panels Do We Clean?

Perth Solar Direct take on most major cleans you would think of, from the standard residential solar panel cleaning to larger commercial panel cleans. We have the tools and the resources to get the job done. We cover a large service area within the Perth Metro area so we will be sure to reach you and your location. For a more in depth look at our service locations check out our ‘Areas Served’ page in the navigation menu. 

Our services aren’t just limited to solar panels however. We will also clean the panels of Solar Hot Water systems and while we are up on your roof, why don’t we take look at cleaning your roof and gutters while we are there?

For more information on our Solar Panel Cleaning Service please reach out to us on 1300 477 172 or fill out the contact form to get started.