Solar Panel Monitoring

The Value of Adding Smart Metering

When getting Solar we recommend the installation of an inverter Smart meter or also known as Smart monitoring device to improve self-consumption of your overall Solar Panels power Production.

An added smart meter will enable live Solar Panel Monitoring of household load, Solar PV self-consumption & how much of your System Production is being exported.

Given that by being able to see the live production of your Solar PV production, shifting power usage in line with production will ensure maximum returns on investment.

Whether your intention is better Self-Consumption of your Solar Panel power Production, a better understanding of household power usage to correlate in an easy-to-understand real time live format on the same graph as per below image. Or perhaps you have the intention to instead of sending excess power back to the grid at an extremely small buyback as a residential customer with a 6.6kW System and below size, you are wanting to add a Solar Battery

Before adding a battery an Inverter Smart meter, overall solar panel monitoring will give you and us a clearer understanding of what Size Solar battery you need at your property to give you the best ROI. Therefore, you will be able to decide based on your specific usage patterns and factual data to determine size and viability of either a larger System, size of battery or perhaps just better power management to lower your power bill even more.

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Note that all Inverters we install have as standard the ability to monitor the solar panel system power production and give you fault warnings based on the System itself. While this is great to understand how much your Solar panel system is producing without knowing how this correlates with household consumption you could very well be sending much more than necessary onto the grid at a pittance. By just adding for a minor additional cost, over a year it is quite realistic that a lot of customers could increase their solar savings by as much as 20%+ more by tweaking some of the major power use appliances, such as aircon; pool pumps; washing machines; tumble driers.  

The small extra investment in adding of Solar panel system smart meter will be returned easily within the first year if you have the right sized system but just need to tweak power usage slightly.

Major benefits of adding a Solar Panel System SMART METER


Real Time Data of Solar Panel power Production, household load (home electricity use), how much of your Solar Panel power Production is being self-consumption & how much of your System Production is being exported. If you have a battery then the smart meter platform will include all monitoring of the battery charge/discharge managing, self-consumption etc too.


All necessary output and detailed information to get a clear analysis that your system is working at best output.


Solar Panel System fault notifications, additionally also gives a reading of how clean your incoming electricity is from the grid which can affect not only the performance of your Solar Panel System but also if out of voltage range damage or shorten the life of more sensitive appliances with electronics in your house.


Getting a factual breakdown of what your power bill will be.

Solar Analytics - Perth Solar Direct

While inverters have their own Solar Panel System smart metering options and this is our first recommendation, there are also independent options available. Some may be cheaper but will not give you as much of the necessary information, may be less accurate or may be of lower quality. These cheaper options are still better than none as a guide for better self-consumption of produced Solar Power.

There are some options while independent are built specifically for purpose for the more complex installations and give even more detailed information and benefits for monitoring such as Solar Analytics. When it comes to larger Commercial Systems and farms, due to additional complexities we opt for Solar Analytics as our go to as the #1 Australian produced product built for purpose.

So, if even better clarity of your savings is what you after, producing more from your system, use less grid power or having the intention of adding a solar battery solution then we highly recommend including a Solar Panel System smart metering solution.